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by Garegin Sruandzteants'
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Karekin Servantsian, whose name is spelled variously, was a renowned Armenian folklorist and ethnographer (1840-1892). The download (861 pdf pages) includes vol. 1 (Constantinople, 1879), and vol. 2 (Constantinople, 1884). This massive study of Armenian-populated areas of western historical Armenia and Turkey is subtitled "Hayastani Chambord" (Traveller of Armenia). The author travelled throughout Asia Minor visiting Armenian communities in Samson, Bafra, Sinope, Marzuan, Amasia,...
Topics: Folklore, Myths, Mythology, Ethnography, Armenia, Armenian, Highlands, Folk, Culture, Asia Minor,...
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by Strabo
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Strabo's Geography, Books 11-17, translated by W. Falconer. Strabo, a native of Amasia in Pontus (Asia Minor), lived in the 1st century B.C. through the 1st century A.D. His Geography is one of the most precious sources for historical, economic, and anthropological information from antiquity. The books in this edition cover: 11. Eastern Asia Minor, the Armenian Highlands, Caucasus; 12. Parts of northen Asia Minor; 13. Northwestern Asia Minor and the island of Lesbos. Much mythological material;...
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Topics: Geography, Asia Minor, Armenian Highlands, Cyprus, Persia, India, Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia,...
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by Thomas Howel
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A Journal of the Passage from India by a Route Partly Unfrequented through Armenia and Natolia or Asia Minor, by Thomas Howel (London, 1791). Howel's journey began in September of 1787 and ended about a year later.  In Asia Minor he visited Mosul, Kurdistan, Nisibis, Mardin, Diarbekir, Kharput, Sivas, Tokat, Amasia, and Constantinople, commenting on the peoples and their customs.  He encountered Armenian communities in many places en route, and had an Armenian merchant as a fellow traveller....
Topics: Travel, Travel literature, Travellers, History, Historical, Geography, Middle East, Near East,...
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Patmut'iwn varuts' srboyn Sargsi zo'ravari t'argmaneal i Nersese' Shnorhalwoy [History of the Life of the Blessed General Sargis, Translated by Nerse's Shnorhali] , in 91 pdf pages. Volume 16 (Venice, 1854) of 24 volumes issued by the Mxit'arist Order of Venice also contains Shnorhali's response to the letter of Ge'org, abbot of Haghbat Monastery, the Martyrdom of St. Sargis the General and His Son, the History of the City of Amasia , and the Acts of Theodore the Stratelate . Book digitized by...
Topics: Church, Christianity, Armenian, Armenia, Saints Lives, Prayers, Homilies, Letters, History,...